Valid Reasons for Overlanders Choosing Cam Straps Over Ropes

Cam Straps Over Ropes


If you are an avid overlander, you’re familiar with the concept of tying things down. Everything from your portable coolers to your spare tire needs to be secured in place before you get off road. My question is this: what is your preferred tie-down? I am a big fan of cam straps.

Full disclosure requires that I admit I am not an overlander. But the same reasons that justify my preference for cam straps certainly apply to the overlanding lifestyle. You may not share my preference for Rollercam brand straps, but I’m relatively sure you would agree that cam straps are superior to rope.

Here are just a few of the valid reasons for overlanders choosing cam straps over rope:

1. Greater Precision

Precision may not be something people immediately think of when considering how they will tie-down their gear. But step back and think about how difficult it is to maintain a precise level of force with ropes. Ropes tend to slip. Therefore, you need to pull them tighter than you otherwise would. Initially, this could mean damage to your gear.

A cam strap allows for more precision. Cam straps do not slip, so you don’t have to over tighten to secure your stuff. With just a slight pull, you can get the strap as tight as you need. Let out a little bit if you accidentally over tighten.

2. Easier Deployment

I get it if greater precision doesn’t matter to you. But if that is the case, consider how easy cam straps are to deploy. I don’t know of any other type of tie-down (other than bungee cords) that’s easier. You just slip the open end of the strap through the cam buckle and gently pull to your desired tightness.

With ropes, there are knots to tie. You may have to thread a rope through various nooks and crannies to get your gear secured properly. It amounts to a lot of time-consuming hassle. With a cam strap, it’s slip, pull, and go.

3. Greater Versatility

Cam straps are also a better option for overlanders thanks to their versatility. They can be utilized to secure virtually any type of cargo thanks to the multiple configurations they come in. The same thing cannot be said of rope and bungee cords.

I would never trust anything extremely heavy or fragile to bungee cords. I would also be wary of securing fragile items with rope. I never worry when I use cam straps. They work well for everything – regardless of size, weight, or fragility.

4. Durability and Weather Resistance

Overlanders subject their gear to all sorts of stresses foreign to the rest of us. Their gear also gets exposed to the weather. Cam straps answer the call at both levels. The key to their toughness is the webbing material the straps are made of.

Webbing material is typically either polyester or nylon. Dense threads are woven together in an equally dense pattern to create a strap that can manage tremendous loads. As such, webbing material has a fairly high weight-to-strength ratio.

In terms of the weather, cam straps aren’t bothered by heat or cold. They are not bothered by direct sunlight. However, UV radiation can cause the material to break down more quickly over many years of service. This is why experts recommend storing them in a dark place when not in use. Still, a properly handled cam strap can last for decades even with UV light in play.

There are other reasons for choosing camp straps over rope. If you are an overlander, what types of tie-downs do you prefer?

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